Bagheri, S.K., Azizi, H., and Rezapour, M., "The Iranian Patent Reform," Journal of World Patent Information, 31 (2009), 32-35


The new Patent, Industrial Designs, Trademarks Law ratified nearly 80 years after the first Iranian patent law, can be considered as a serious reform for the Iranian Intellectual Property system. The key features of the new law, with respect to patenting, that are different from those of the previous one and are intended to make it more compatible with the international norms, including the “Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)” agreement, have been briefly introduced and discussed in this paper to give the reader an overview of the status of the changes in the Iranian IP law.


تاريخ: ۱۳۹۰/۷/۱۳

هم آفرينی با کمک، هم فکری و هم راهی شما به سرچشمه ای از آموزه های مهم و کاربردی مديريت فناوری و مالکيت فکری تبديل خواهد شد.